About Us

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul ...​The Soul of our Company is Built into Every Lash


Especially For You Lashes are handmade using the highest quality Korean PBT filaments. Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a member of the polyester family of plastic fibers; it’s soft yet strong, flexible, and durable. It's a product our founder, Kelly Duong, stands behind 100%.

Kelly is involved in every aspect of the production process, from sourcing materials to designing our innovative patent pending packaging. This is truly a family enterprise for Kelly--our manufacturing team is located in her home country of Vietnam--and many of her family members work every day to ensure that our high manufacturing standards are consistently met.

Our Promade eyelash extensions are 100% handmade and feature an adhesive-bonded base, a long stem, and superior retention with proper application. Lash technicians choose our Promade lash extensions because of their quality, consistency, and ease of use. Promade lashes also help to reduce the service time, minimize the stress on the lash artist's hands during application, and maximize client satisfaction.

Especially For You Lashes eyelash extensions are cruelty free, vegan, and environmentally friendly.


Our patent pending lash extension packaging system is revolutionary. 

Kelly knew there had to be an easier, more efficient way to package eyelash extensions that would make the application process go more smoothly. She developed this straw-style packaging to help protect the lashes, improve curl retention, free up valuable storage space, and help lash artists work smarter, not harder. The packaging is environmentally friendly as we use a biodegradable wrap around the cylinder to protect the lashes. Eyelash fans stay secure and perfectly curled until they are applied.

All Especially For You Lashes available in our straw-style packaging come in various diameters according to the curl and the length of the lashes.